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The Description of Cambodi Agarwood Chips:

20 gm packing of high quality natural agarwood chips. DESCRIPTION: The most natural and highest quality bark chips from the agarwood tree. Brought to you directly from the source. These cambodi agarwood chips are in its most natural form and have a woody scent. The most natural and pure, dehn al oudh is made from these agarwood chips. SIZE: The chips in this category are 2-3 inch long and 2-3 mm thick. QUALITY: These are the actual raw direct from the bark of the agarwood tree. FRAGRANCE NOTES: The initial smell is sweet and woody and when the chip is thoroughly warmed up it gives a woody smell all across. INSTRUCTIONS OF USE: Always heat the coal/coal bricks till red hot. Place this coal piece in a fire resistant bakhoor burner. Immediately place the cambodi agarwood bark chip on the red hot coal/coal brick. The agarwood chip will start to turn darkbrown and a blackish agarwood oil will ooze out from the agarwood chip. About Agarwood: Agarwood is precious resinous wood formed in heartwood of Aquilaria tree, an archaic tropical evergreen trees Southeast Asia. It is commonly referred to as Gaharu but is also known as Eaglewood, Aloes Wood and Agalocha. It’s a very rare and extremely precious resinous material produced by a reaction to a fungal infection in the heart-wood of certain tropical rain-forest trees.

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